Before installing rooftop solar panels, many residential customers will be required to make expensive upgrades to their electrical service panel. These upgrades usually introduce delays and additional permitting requirements.

SDG&E® has created an alternative to installing these upgrades called the Renewable Meter Adapter (RMA). The RMA simplifies the interconnection process which may save time and money, making solar more affordable. SDG&E or an SDG&E Authorized Contractor will install both the RMA and the visible open fused disconnect. The RMA is installed between the electric meter and the electric service panel on the utility side. An internal breaker limits solar input to 48 amps maximum. The solar system connects to the visible open fused disconnect.

Did you know? The Renewable Meter Adapter simplifies the interconnection process and may be a less expensive alternative to high-cost upgrades


 The Renewable Meter Adapter may save customers time and money.

The Renewable Meter Adapter may save customers time and money.

  • Eliminates many electrical upgrades, which may save time and money
  •  Installation can take as little as one hour
  •  Reduces the hassles involved in panel upgrades
  •  No impact to the customer’s property, like stucco repair, landscaping or painting
  •  Saves space in the customer’s service panel for future needs
  •  No need to enter the service panel, enabling a safer interconnection
  • Increases safety with a 60 amp circuit breaker for overcurrent protection
  •  SDG&E will operate and maintain the RMA for the life of the product

Technical Specifications:

  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), UL Listing 414 and 746C
  •  Meets National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements
  •  Accommodates up to a 11.5kW photovoltaic system
  •  Fits on electric meter panels rated up to 200 amps maximum.
  •  Provides an internal breaker limiting solar input to 48 amps maximum
  •  U.S. Patent Pending

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