What is Net Metering?

  • Net Metering is why solar makes financial sense.
  • Net Metering is the billing arrangement for solar owners that provides full-retail credit for the energy they put on the grid.
  • Net Metering is very financially beneficial to solar energy system owners, in fact, we will never see these favorable conditions again.

Why is it expiring?

  • SDG&E, along with other California utility companies, successfully lobbied to pass Assembly Bill 327.
  • In simplified terms; once a certain amount of solar is installed in SDG&E territory, Net Metering expires.
  • Once Net Metering ends, SDG&E is free to demand solar owners get less for the energy they produce.

When will it expire?

  • According to SDG&E, there are 245.5 MW of solar remaining before Net Metering expires.
  • Experts in the solar industry agree this will be reached around the end of 2016.

If Net Metering is due to expire around the end of the year, why is it critical I go solar now?

  • It is important to note that you must be INSTALLED before the deadline, not just have a signed contract.
  • Under normal market conditions, it takes an average of 120 days from the time a contract is signed, to the time the system is installed.
  • There will be unprecedented demand in 2016 for solar which is going to create a bottleneck this summer
  • The experienced, reputable, solar companies, like Suacci Solar Power, will be booked solid early in the year, perhaps as early as June. Once these companies are booked, people will be forced to turn to 4th and 5th tier solar companies – companies without experience or skilled labor. There are likely to be parts and equipment shortages, or worst-case-scenario, you might be promised an installation date that they cannot deliver.

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