Suacci Solar Index Forecast

“The Suacci Solar index shows the power that can be made from sunshine at any particular moment of the day”. The index categorizes four areas; Coastal, Inland, Mountain and Desert It will give you an idea of exactly how much power is available to you and your location. It’s what we do with the information that makes it valuable.

The values are based on the retail price of electricity and the available watts per square meter. Impacted by seasons of the year, ambient temperature, geographical location, and orientation to the sun. The Suacci Solar Index will put you in control of the energy around you.

The SSI index is based percentages of available power. 100% being MAX power and 10% being LOW power.

Example: November 30th 2015 SSI index for Downtown San Diego is 65% @12 noon, 35% @14:00hrs, 20% @16:00hrs

Begin by filling out the quick questionnaire below you can start tracking your SSI today.

Thank you,
Mark Suacci,

Solar Consultant

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Suacci Solar Index Forecast



Suacci Solar Index