Suacci Solar Index

The index is an interactive database which has completely simplified the solar electric process..

  • The index can be used to find out the amount of solar panels that are needed to supply electricity to a home or business.
  • Second is a tool can confirm the output and the payback of a solar system even if you already own it and are looking to see if you were given a bill of goods that does what it should.
  • The tool can provide a proposal, contact and interconnection agreements with SDG&E.
  • The Suacci Solar Index can create blueprints and architectural drawings which are needed to get quotes from roofing, electrical and general contractors.
  • Forecast outputs for daily, weekly, monthly and Annually power production and converts that to a dollar amount for your bank.
    Tool has a 30 day free trial.

Thank you,
Mark Suacci,

Solar Consultant

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Suacci Solar Index

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Suacci Solar Index