Attention: GMs, NDs & Television News Executives

TV News operators poised to gain by adding Solar reports to Weather Forecasts.

Renewable Energy, especially solar, is a driver for local, national and global business advertisers targeting residential and industrial customers.

(LOS ANGELES, Ca.) – Originally designed to determine the exact amount of solar panels necessary to meet the needs of a home or business converting to solar energy, the Suacci Solar Index (SSI) was the brain child of Mark Suacci, a San Diego solar engineer who was in the business of installing solar panels.  “I pulled the first permit in California to install solar panels over twenty years ago,” he proudly states. Mark Suacci is a passionate advocate for solar power – residential or commercial. He knows the renewable source is good for environmental reasons but it’s also good for economic ones. “Solar is a penny saved — thousands of pennies — and every penny saved is a penny earned,” he emphasizes.

“For the television news industry, the SSI will take its place alongside Doppler, Richter and Sigalert as recognizable brands and essential technological systems in the highly competitive television news programming business,” stated Edward Saint Pe’, president of WeatherVision who will distribute the inserts as part of his syndicated weather service.  “Television news audiences will embrace the SSI as an indispensible tool for managing energy consumption and cost savings.  As solar energy increasingly becomes the choice of global energy consumers, SSI will be the Gold Standard of news programming paradigms,” he continued.

“SSI provides television newscasts with added value for viewers who can utilize forecast outputs for daily, weekly, monthly and annual solar energy management.  SSI converts daily power forecasts into a dollar amount for viewers to adjust power consumption levels for cost savings,” he added.

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About Suacci Solar Index: The Suacci Solar Index (SSI) is a proprietary interactive software program which provides real time, solar energy measurement data to residential and commercial consumers of solar energy. SSI has completely simplified the solar electric process resulting in cost saving capabilities of solar panel systems.

About WeatherVision: Founded in 1991 as National Weather Networks, WeatherVision is an out-sourcing mechanism where a television station – small, medium or large – can outsource their daily weather forecasts.


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